Here are answers for some frequently asked questions:

What are the engine options?
(We only have the 80hp and the 110hp right now. We are going to start testing with a turbo. We should have about 125hp with that one. Also we are testing one right now that is 150hp.)

Do you supply the engine with EFI also?
(No we are not supplying the engines with EFI right now. We have had to much trouble with it. But it should be available soon.)

Where do you install the oil cooler?
(some planes have an oil cooler and some do not. On mine it is mounted on the bottom behind the engine in front of the nose strut.)

Do you use rubbers at the engine mount for vibration damping?

Do you install any air baffles inside the cowling?
(Yes Just 2 pieces of aluminum in the shape of a "C" that go from the opening to the cylinders.)

How do you realize the cabin heating?
(We have not installed heat on ours. But it would be done in the same manner as other planes)

Do you have a sketch of your belt gear?
(No we don't send out details or drawings. To many people want to copy.)

How many bearings on the prop?
(We have 4 bearings in the prop hub.)

Even though I like the sound of a good engine, I currently fly in a "sound sensitive" area with neighbor complaints to deal with...... are there muffler options and what problems, performance-wise/weight-wise, do you think this would cause?
( Yes we can make it quiet. A good 2 into 1 exhaust with baffles will give a slight increase in performance. We just went for the sound.)

How many engines are currently flying, how may have been sold? Other than the 601 what airframes are they planned to be mounted in?
( 4 flying. Zenith 601 XL, HD, Rans S6ES, Sonerai, Baby Ace, KR 2, Fly Baby, Powered Parachutes, Loehle 5151 and it looks like a 701 soon. Not all are flying yet.)

Typical RPM range for Engine and Prop. Prop Recommendations? Any problems running max RPM for extended time at cruise?
( 3800 to 4200 cruise. 5000 to 5200 max depends on gear ratio. The longest we have ran one at max power is 2 hours.)

What are the reduction ratio and prop dia / pitch? Any thrust numbers been developed yet?
1.52, 1.62, 1.68 and soon a 1.92 to 1. Pitch just depends. Thrust has ranged on the 80 hp from 320lb. to
390lb. depending on the prop. 100 hp 420lb to 470lb. we have ran from 62" to 70" so far. 2, 3 and 4 blades.

Acceptable fuel types? Can it handle 100LL and MoGas? Will it also use unleaded auto fuel 87 octane or ethanol (alcohol) gas?
( Yes both 100LL and any auto fuel. It has been designed for it. All though I don't recommend using 100LL if you don't need to. It's bad for o
il and could cause lead deposits in the head.)

What's the average fuel burn at cruise?
(We typically see around 3.5 to 4 gph.)

Projected TBO?
(1000 hours)

I don't see it listed on your webpage....what about alternator options? Amp Output? Is it additional weight?
(It's 32 or 38 amp and it comes with the engine and is included in the weight.)

I was considering the Grand Rapids EIS to monitor the engine. What are you using in the 601? Are any of your customers using Digital Engine Monitors?
(Plain gauges on the 601. There is a digital system on the powered parachute that works great. We are getting ready to do one with a Digital Stratomaster Ultra.)

You mentioned 2004/2005 engines. Are there differences? or is just likely a price increase?
(They are the same. Just a slight price increase to us. But we are not raising or price.)

Are you planning on being at Sun-N-Fun 2005? Right now I'm planning on making it to check out the engine options.
(Yes we will be there. In booth #54. Hope to see you there.)

Your web site really caught my attention. What would you say is the major benefit of using your engine package instead of a different engine? maybe low initial purchase cost, and lower cost overhauls?
(You got it. Cost is the biggie. Easy to find parts. The Cool factor. Sound etc. I think that's for someone to decide for their self as to why use it. I just wanted something different. Then I found out other people did to. So here we are.)

What is the over all size of the Hog Air engine package.
( The size is 22" wide 25" tall & 23" deep front to back. That is with standard prop hub. If needed you can add a prop ext.)

Where is the weight coming from on those engines? It seems like there must be some component where weight could be removed.
( I guess I could do like the other engine people, and say it only weighs 172lb. But I included the exhaust, motor mounts, charging system, coil, air filter everything for a running engine. Not a striped down version weight that you have to start adding things to. That's just how much it weighs. It was never designed for aircraft and weight didn't matter. They just designed for reliability. )

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