About Us
Sky Ray industries is a new company taking the place of what was Hog-Air. Owner Brett Ray started the former company in 2002 after developing a prop drive system for V twin engines. And adapting those engines for aircraft use. After using and testing this system on his own airplane utilizing a Harley-Davidson twin cam engine for power. He decided there was an interest in the drive system and began to market them. Then due to some issues with the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company was forced to give up the name, logo and shut down the Hog-Air web site.    

We are now on a new mission. To not only provide engine packages and prop drive systems for the "V Twin"engines. But to also developed new from the ground up engines for aircraft.

We are also working on our own all aluminum kit planes. We will have our first one flying the summer of 2006. These kits should be easy to build and have a very short build time. More to come.

Brett Ray started R&R Racing a motorcycle racing parts manufacturing business in 1991 over 14 years ago. And feels that the success achieved there should carry through to the new business in the aircraft industry.    

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